Live Each Day

 Andy’s Song


Nobody should feel alone 

Feel like they don't belong  

Everybody has a

Place in this world


Andy, you were not alone  


I never knew you very well

But, my world froze. My heart fell

You were one of us

A brother and a friend


I wish I could see you again  



So I will live each day

Make new friends along the way

If I stumble, I will, get up again

I will live each day



I wish that I could have been there

To listen to you and to share

Cheer you on at your football game


I can be a better friend  


We carry this burden every day

See the world in our own way

I think I understand

I don't know what to say


So I will learn each day 



So I will learn each day

Try my best at everything

If I'm in trouble, I will reach out my hand

I will learn each day 



I could have done so much more  

Reached out my hand   

I feel like I let you down   

And now you are not around   

I could have shown you a better place  

A place where you belong   



I think about your family

I think about your friends

I think about Vietnam

Our own homeland

Wish I knew you better

I never got the chance


So I will love each day  



I could have told you long ago   

I felt the same way   

For so long I didn't fit in  

Not knowing where to begin 

Sometimes it's hard to understand   

Maybe someone else’s plans  


You've got a smile that brightens up my day 

I wish I knew you better  

For you I pray  

I can hear the angels calling   

Their calling out your name   


You will live each day 

I will learn each day 

I will love each day 

I will live each day