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    Live Each Day, a song for Andy Hendel

    A Song for Andy Hendel


This song is dedicated to Andy Hendel, his family and friends who love him so deeply.

Andy and I were both adopted from Vietnam. Andy was one of us, a brother and a friend. Andy was just 7 years old in 2003, when I performed my music at Catalyst Foundation's culture camp in Minnesota. My world froze, my heart fell, when I came across his obituary on a Facebook post. I wish I knew him better.
I never got the chance. I will Live, Learn and Love each day.

Much Love,

Many thanks to my Producer & Engineer, Steve Francis from Stush Music, New York City

Song Credits:

Piano: Eduardo Delavera
Bass: Jasper Leak
Drum Programming: Steve Francis
Guitar: Jared Rehberg
Cello: Alice Bacon
Violist: Laura Sacks
Lead Vocals: Jared Rehberg
Background Vocals: Yvette Rovira

Live Each Day - By Jared Rehberg

Nobody should feel alone
Feel like they don't belong 
Everybody has a
Place in this world
Andy, you were not alone  

I never knew you very well
But, my world froze. My heart fell
You were one of us
A brother and a friend
I wish I could see you again  

So I will live each day
Make new friends along the way
If I stumble, I will, get up again
I will live each day

I wish that I could have been there
To listen to you and to share
Cheer you on at your football game
I can be a better friend  

We carry this burden every day
See the world in our own way
I think I understand
I don't know what to say
So I will learn each day   

So I will learn each day
Try my best at everything
If I'm in trouble, I will reach out my hand
I will learn each day 

I could have done so much more 
Reached out my hand  
I feel like I let you down  
And now you are not around  
I could have shown you a better place 
A place where you belong   

I think about your family
I think about your friends
I think about Vietnam
Our own homeland
Wish I knew you better
I never got the chance
So I will love each day  

I could have told you long ago  
I felt the same way  
For so long I didn't fit in 
Not knowing where to begin
Sometimes it's hard to understand  
Maybe someone else’s plans  

You've got a smile that brightens up my day
I wish I knew you better 
For you I pray 
I can hear the angels calling 
Their calling out your name   

You will live each day
I will learn each day
I will love each day
I will live each day