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    A Song for Sherri & Michelle


I'm so happy to share this wedding song I wrote for one of my oldest and dearest friends Sherri Martin and her fiancee Michelle Baron. On this track, I play the role of Sherri singing to Michelle.

Sherri and Michelle met three years ago, on January 24, 2010.  Their journey has taken them from the San Francisco Bay to rural Ohio and finally the Finger Lakes of upstate New York, they now call home, along with Oscar and Maya, two adorable cats. On a sunny day July 4, 2012, they proposed to each other at the Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, NY. They said YES!! :-)

Love you guys xoxoxo

Every Kiss
By Jared Rehberg

Ok Cupid, you got me good
Love was on a Mission, this much is understood
I wagged my finger, you thought I was cute
I said Performativity? I was trying to be cool

I love everything about you
I have learned so much from you
Be myself, not fit in, (to some)
Gender fixed identity
A deeper love and partnership
I love you more with every kiss

Every Kiss

We share our future, our wildest dreams
I see children, watching internet TV
You love my kindness, I love everything
How did I get so lucky? Must be Birthday wish

Sorrow and troubles will soon come our way
A challenge awaits, to darken up our brightest day

I will love everything about you
I will learn so much from you
Make some jam, pick some fruit
Travel the world; sing a chorus or two
Tell the world I love, I do

I do

We stand together, share our vows
Cherish this moment. Say I love you right out loud
Ok Cupid, you got me good
Love was on a mission, this much is understood